Gipsy Danger

Wed, Nov 6 @ 6:07 PM


By Liam Brazier

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Tue, Nov 5 @ 10:23 PM
Shut up, Loki


It’s my favourite quote from the movie.

Tue, Nov 5 @ 10:21 PM

These are my grandmother’s red jasmines.

When I first saw them I thought they were normal white jasmines, but then they started to turn red. It sort of freaked me out, haha. I mean, who’ve heard of red jasmines right? Anyway, it’s a blast to see them gradually turn red. That is until they start to wilt and fall. Guess who has to clean all the remains? Yep.

The ones here are still halfway there, so they’re still in that nice shade of pink. 

This is my headcanon in which Marshall Lee spent most of his childhood in the Nightosphere, being properly groomed to be his mother’s successor. So that’s why he’s sort of more evil than Marceline. I guess he’s mastered the amulet thing and he’s more in tune with his demonic side.